Support the Safety of Theotokos Trainees

Safety clothing and shoes for trainees in woodwork and gardening vocational training labs.

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The Cause

Be a part of our effort to provide safety clothing and shoes for the 50  trainees (50 € per person) in woodwork and gardening vocational training labs at the Theotokos Foundation in Athens, Greece.

A few words about THEOTOKOS Foundation 

It is a non-profit welfare organization (private law entity) and has been operating continuously since 1963. It is located in Athens, Greece and is situated on 51 acres of land with about 7,000 m2 of buildings. 

Special education and therapy services are provided to preschool children aged 2,5 - 5 years (early intervention) and to teenagers aged 14 - 20  years with developmental delays, developmental intellectual disorders and autism spectrum disorders. Vocational training and rehabilitation are provided to young adults aged 20 – 35 years. Family environments are supported and intervention is implemented when necessary.

More than 5,000 individuals have been supported and have received services during the 52 years of the foundation’s operation. Currently, 370 children and young adults attend daily, of which, about 60 are from poverty-stricken families without social security. They are all supported by innovative programs, exemplary for Greece and Europe.

Introducing the Transition Program

The Transition Program is the Foundation’s newest department and has been operating since 2008. It is a vocational preparation and promotion program and addresses young adults aged 29 – 35 years who are graduates from the Foundation’s Vocational Workshops or who come from the community.
The program’s objectives are preparation for social inclusion and promotion into the labor market.
It aims at improving and further developing their vocational skills as well as their personal development so that they can acquire the ability to participate equally in employment and social activities.

The program includes activities which promote the acquisition of workplace behaviors and activities of daily living and the ability to examine subjects of general interest and to create material for presentations.
Furthermore, emphasis is placed on the young adults’ socialization by organizing visits to places of interest, workplace visits and excursions. In general, the ability to live independently is reinforced.

Let's provide safety clothing and shoes for trainees in woodwork and gardening vocational training labs

Theotokos' young adults receive technical training in individualized programs, based on their desires and skills, in workshops with specialized personnel and excellent infrastructure. In addition, services are provided for the acquisition and maintenance of academic knowledge.

We request safety clothing and shoes equipment for 50 trainees of the two labs described below.

WOODWORK: Training is achieved through the production of wooden constructions upon order for external partners as well as producing and repairing furnishings and fittings for the Foundation

GARDERING: The objective of the Gardening Workshop is training in the handling and use of tools and equipment necessary for garden work. Participation in garden maintenance and land cultivation activities helps, in general, to develop the trainees’ capabilities and skills in order for them to be employed as assistants in gardening and agricultural work.

Learn more about the Theotokos Foundation HERE

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