Every child deserves to be a child.

Μαζί για το παιδί

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Help us support 321 families with minor children who face poverty and social exclusion in Greece.

With a simple click below, you can contribute to our initiative to help a family in need. 

  • With 5€ I support the cause
  • With 25€ I can provide milk for 1 child for 1 month
  • With 50€ I can provide basic food supplies for a child for 1 month
  • With 100€ I can provide basic food supplies  for a single-parent family for 1 month 
  • With 300€ I can provide basic food supplies  for a large family for 1 month
  • With 600€ I can provide basic food supplies  to a single-parent family for 6 months

The Situation

At Together for Children, we join forces during this holiday season to embrace families in need. Hundreds of families with minors are facing poverty and social exclusion in Greece.

In 2022, in the midst of global economic and energy uncertainty, a large percentage of citizens are deprived of basic nutrition due to an insufficient family budget. According to a OECD’s report:
•    10% of children below 15 in Greece face food deprivation at home
•    8,8% face serious lack of basic foods 
•    46% of children in Greece lack necessities at home 

Moreover, according to data by the Hellenic Statistical Authority:
•    almost 3 out of 10 Greeks suffer from poverty exclusion, which translates into 2,971,200 people.
•    33.8% of impoverished households state that they lack a diet that includes chicken, meat, fish or vegetables every other day 
•    32% of children are at risk of poverty or social exclusion

The Need

This holiday season, we invite you to be part of our effort by embracing our initiative to provide all the necessary goods to economically vulnerable families with minor children.

These are families (nuclear, single parents, many children) who live on the edge of poverty, unable to meet their basic daily needs facing social exclusion.

In 2022, with your help, we managed to support 430 people through our food relief program. We provided support to 262 minor children from 124 families across Greece who were on the verge of poverty.

It is noted that 1.061 people, including 598 minor children, from 321 families are on our waiting list.

Beneficiary families who have already joined our food relief program had the opportunity to purchase food and basic necessities through coupons in large supermarket chains throughout Greece for a 6-month period, while at the same time, coverage for extracurricular activities was offered to children and teenagers.

For those families in need of psychological support and counseling, additional counseling was offered by psychologists from the Helpline 115 25 and the Counseling Center of the "Together for the Child" Association.

Our Goal

With our ultimate goal being to provide for all 1.061 people on our waiting list, we set smaller intermediate goals and ask for your help so we can meet them together.

The first intermediary goal of this campaign is to raise the amount of 10,000 euros in order to include the first 34 beneficiaries in our food relief program.

About the Food Relief Program

In order for families with minors to be included in our food relief program, they have to be referred to our social service by municipalities or other social services. Our social service department prioritizes requests according to income and vulnerability criteria following transparent procedures. 

Through the program families are provided food stamps to be redeemed in supermarkets for 6 months. The family’s file is protected and treated according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU.

About "Together for Children" Association

Founded in 1996, in Greece, “Together for Children” (TfC) is a nonprofit Association, comprising nine member charities that work in the field of child welfare. 

TfC offers a wide range of services aiming to provide every child, throughout Greece, access to sustainable living conditions and equal opportunities for a better future.

TfC is an accountable Association, committed to transparency, responsiveness to stakeholders and focused on delivering impact.

The Association’s goals are supported through fundraising campaigns and events and by independent foundations, the business community and individual donors in Greece and abroad.

Apart from the provision of financial support to its members for specific programs, and in-kind donations to its network of collaborating NGOs, Together for Children runs projects and programs focusing on: Health & well-being, Poverty & Livelihood, Education and Relief interventions in cases of emergencies.

For more information, please visit www.mazigiatopaidi.gr

Our Social Impact in 2021


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